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Welcome to Lovitt's Coatings online blog!  We will discuss our products and how they can be used to achieve spectacular results with any wood or masonry project, may it be a log home restoration, a cedar siding staining project, or preservation and protection of concrete and masonry surfaces. 

We have the finest wood cleaning, restoration, and finishing products available, our specialty log home contractors are fiercely loyal to our brand, and we are committed to providing the highest quality ingredients and smart chemistry to our customers.

 Previously only sold to licensed, professional contractors, Lovitt's is now available to the general public.

How To Choose A Stain For Your Log Home

Posted by Michael Whalen on 4/30/2013 to New Log Home Finishing
When choosing a wood stain for your log home, you have to rise above the expensive marketing and competitive tactics used by most manufacturers to sway you into purchasing their products. Think of your goals for your log home stain, do you want something that makes it look shiny, or flat? Do you want the grain of the wood to accentuate, or do you want a color over your logs? What is the long term maintenance procedures of the stain you choose? These are all concerns that you must ask yourself before you commit to a stain.

How to Finish Your New Log Home: Timing is everything!

Posted by Administrator on 6/22/2012 to New Log Home Finishing
When considering finishing your new log home, you can save money and avoid expensive pitfalls by timing the interior and exterior finishing right.

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