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How To Choose A Stain For Your Log Home

Posted by Michael Whalen on 4/30/2013 to New Log Home Finishing
Log home owners have the largest array of wood stains available at their fingertips, sometimes the many choices can be daunting, even downright confusing? Every manufacturer will tell you their stain, or system of wood protection is better than their competitors! Where does that leave the consumer? When considering a log home stain, you must be able to identify the characteristics that you want and appreciate in a log home stain. Some acrylic blends have hard shells and clear coats that give the logs a shiny appearance, unfortunately these types of stains are hard to maintain once they have battled the sun and water for a few years, most manufacturers of these types of stains recommend using blasting methods to remove the stain after failure, ouch! That severely damages the logs and causes the logs surface to be pitted, taking out soft grain and leaving the hard grain standing. This process can severely damage the logs over time and causes all kinds of problems with trim, windows, and siding? The best type of long term stain is a deep penetrating formula that goes into the wood, when the sun and water wears on the finish, a light wash and re-coat is all that is required. One product that we have found to be very long lasting, yet easy to clean and re-coat a few years down the road is Lovitt's Emerald Gold wood finish. This finish seems to have a longer life than acrylic finishes, it is much easier to maintain, and is environmentally safe. See these finishes at www.lovittscoatings.com
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